What to Buy for the Wedding Party Members

Weddings are sacred and passionate affairs. It is the institution that many believe in however only a few take the plunge. Weddings materialise when a person has found the perfect soul mate but there is more to the event than just that. Typically, a family affair, weddings not just join two individuals but two families.

A successful wedding preparation requires contributions from many people. To start off, best man, bridesmaid, flower girl, ring bearer, priest, close family and friends of either side are crucial to make any wedding a grand affair. When so many people come together, the event is showered with blessings and gifts. Wedding gifts are an integral and important part of the event.

What to Buy for the Wedding Party Members

What to Buy for the Wedding Party Members

I always believed that wedding gifts only works as the icing on a cake. Weddings bring people closer and increase affection. Wedding gifts add on to that affection and nurtures respect and cooperation between individuals and families. If you are planning to give gifts to one or more individual, the best way is to find out what the particular person likes. Once that is established, I strongly suggest you go online to shop such as personalisedweddinggifts.co.uk, theamericanwedding.com as it saves time and effort. Besides, online shopping can result in making a wedding gift personalised.

Last month, I was invited to a wedding of my colleague at work. To be a little different, I decided to give gifts to the parents of the groom. I figured out that the groom’s father was a regular at a local tobacco shop and fond of collecting different kinds of tobacco. I gifted him a black Zippo style lighter. The lighter was a fine piece of art with a personalised message I put down for him.

Similarly, for the mother of the groom, I gifted a butterfly photo frame. I chose this because I reckon she’d miss her son as kid now that he’s moved on with his life. It was a perfect square shaped photo frame that could fit in a standard picture in there. Both parents welcomed my gift and sent me a personalised note expressing their gratitude for my thoughtfulness.

Of course, how can we discount the people to whom the day belongs? The happy couple! If you want to play a little cheesy and naughty the perhaps gifting them an angel devil pillowcase – personalised is a terrific idea. This pillow case can be personalised with the name of up to 12 characters on either sides. Weddings gifts for close friends and family can be saucy and here is one of the ways you can go about them.

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