Unique Christmas Gift Giving to Employees

Christmas is typically a time of gift exchanging with those that are important to you and your life. These gifts are symbolic of the best wishes you have for these people. This is true even when those gifts are presented to your employees. If you want to be a bit more personal in your gift choices while also not spending a fortune on the gifts, there are selections that can be made that won’t break the bank.

Employee gifts that show your appreciation for all of their hard work can be such things like a personalized pen and pencil set, a great coffee mug or even a special gift basket containing holiday food or snacks. These may not be all the impressive but it will get your point across that you appreciate them and all that they do throughout the year.

Employee gifts

Employee gifts

Everyone loves a party and a corporate Christmas party can do a lot to raise the morale of the employees. That’s why you need to organize one of these even if it’s a small one held after hours. You can have a buffet style dinner or a sit down dinner where everyone is served. Have seasonal music playing in the background. If you can afford it, you can always include a small band to provide live music for dancing.

Something else that’s always fun is a costume theme. Have everyone dress up in holiday costumes and hand out awards for the best ones. For example, everyone can dress up as Santa Claus and the one that looks most original wins a prize.
Now, it’s in the midst of all the festivities that you hand out presents to your employees.

It’s more fun if this is done in an unusual, fun, and unique way. You can always wear a funny 80’s fancy dress costume and hand out the gifts from under the tree by calling out the names of your employees and have them come up and collect their gifts from you. Another fun way to deliver the gifts is by hiring someone to dress up in a sexy joker costume and find silly ways to hand out the presents.

When all is said and done, it IS the thought that counts if you’re giving out massive amounts of holiday gifts. However, the WAY you give them out can also make a big impression.

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