Romantic Gifts For The Special Man In Your Life

You don’t always need a reason to present that special man in your life with an I Love You gift. Sure, anniversaries, birthdays and any other special occasions in your lives are perfect times to give him something great. However, just think of how much better that romantic gift will be when there’s no mandated occasion for giving it.

He’ll be that much more surprised when you give him a gift that BOTH of you can enjoy together. Now, you probably know just what your man likes and what he would love to get the most. On the other hand, if you’re a little stuck for ideas, following are some that may get your creative juices flowing:

Romantic Gifts For The Special Man

Romantic Gifts For The Special Man

1. Day Of Romance: Start this day off with a nice breakfast in bed that you’ll prepare and serve. Let him relax with the newspaper or whatever he likes. Don’t make rigid plans for the entire afternoon but be ready to serve him a romantic dinner that evening. You can try cooking and serving it wearing nothing but an apron.

Follow this up with a candlelight dinner and a full body massage with special massage oil. By then, things should be moving in the perfect direction.

2. Sports Weekend: While sports may not seem all that romantic to many people, if your man is a sports fanatic over a particular sport, he will definitely love you more if you present him with a weekend of sports. For example, if he enjoys playing golf, there are plenty of resorts that host exceptional golf courses.

You can make a reservation for the weekend at one of these resorts so he can play golf. If you can play, or are willing to give it a shot, joining him on the course may bring you closer together.

3. A Naughty Night:
Sometimes it can really rev up a relationship just by being a little naughty. Buy or rent a camcorder and get a tripod to go with it. Get a sexy little nighty for yourself and some hot silk boxers for him. Throw in a box of playful toys and you’ve got a night to remember.

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