Trudeau 0823004 Electric Fondue Set Review

Trudeau 0823004 Electric Fondue Set

Trudeau 0823004 Electric Fondue Set

The Trudeau 0823004 Electric 11-Piece 3-in-1 Fondue Set turns any meal into something special. Whether you want a romantic meal with a loved one, or a great way to feed guests at a get together, this electric fondue set is the perfect answer. With stainless steel surrounding the forks and pot, this fondue set looks fantastic.

It has six forks that can be guided into the pot with the guides on the side and set in there without falling in. Additionally the pot itself comes with two handles that make it easy to transport.

When cooking with this fondue set you simply have to choose which ingredients you want to melt, turn the nob to the required heating level, and let it go! For added safety there is a break away cord and a one year warranty.

Product Features

  1. Parts included: 6 stainless steel forks, electric warming base, stainless steel pot, and stoneware insert for cheese and chocolates.
  2. Large 56 oz pot to serve multiple people
  3. Breakaway cord adds extra safety measures
  4. One year warranty

Product Details

  1. Shipping: Available to select countries outside of the United States
  2. Must be shipped separately from other items in order
  3. A best-selling fondue set on

Final Analysis

The Trudeau 0823004 Electric Fondue Set is priced at about two times that of normal fondue models so you should expect it to be twice as good as those as well. Fortunately it mostly holds up. The breakaway cord is something that, on other models, just falls off if you breathe on it, however on this model it actually stays put unless it needs to be broken away should an incident occur.

Additionally this model has nice stainless steel features and a very even heating base that is perfect for those hard to do cheese fondues.

Where this model lacks is the fact that it is not as large as others, which can be good and bad. Since it is smaller the heating is much more even, and it can be easily transported – on the flip side it can’t hold as much as other models.

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