The Perfect Birthday Present For The Man Turning 50

Is there a man in your life turning 50 soon? Mark this milestone in a way he’ll appreciate by considering the following facts. 50 is special! It’s a time of transition into a more relaxed frame of mind and certainty of what’s to come. Does he look back to see what’s been accomplished? Or is he more future forward, setting larger goals? Whatever his intent, compliment it with the perfect gift.

A wooden game set brings an air of sophistication to experience. Whether it’s a beautiful chess game or, perhaps, checker. A nice wooden board with custom game pieces can be enjoyed with younger generations, a treasure to pass down.

For the history buff, memorializing his day by gifting him with a New York Times Newspaper jigsaw puzzle can be a cool way to mark the special date. These puzzles represent the classic headlines of yesteryear, and the events can be discussed while putting the puzzle together.

Framing memories is an excellent idea for the man turning 50, whether it’s his favorite ride or the fish he caught last summer. Customize a frame with fun facts or dates of the events. Visit your local craft store for supplies or search online to design and buy your custom frame.

Has he got a bit a more time on his hands, lately? If so, there’s no reason to slow down. Instead, look at what sporting equipment he might get a kick out of and go for it. While you’re at it, consider if it’s something you can do together and gift him with adventure of competition between you two! Staying active is not work when it’s fun.

The one item of clothing most guys hate to shop for and can’t live without is pajamas! Pick him up several pairs in 100% cotton in a cool design. For a sexier feel and look, go for one extra special pair of silk pajamas with a promise of what’s to come later. If in a cold climate, flannel should not be overlooked.

Looking for a relaxing project for your guy? If so, consider the wisdom of a Bonsai plant. These are a work of art he can fully emerge himself in and relax and unwind naturally.

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