The Perfect Birthday Gifts For Your Boyfriend

Looking forward to your boyfriend’s birthday but not sure what to get? Here are some ideas to help you get in the thought process of figuring out what he would enjoy receiving from you. First take into consideration how long you have known him and what stage your relationship is in. This will help you determine what is appropriate and not create an embarrassing situation for either one of you!

1. If you’re baking skills are reasonable, then why not bake up his favorite cookies or deserts. If you are feeling particularly adventurous you may want to go all the way with a birthday cake! Focus on his likes and decorate accordingly. Leave your feelings or thoughts of romance out of the theme and let it be all about him. He’ll be sure to bring the romance later.

2. Another personal and creative gift you can make for him is ornaments. Again consider where you are in the relationship. Sometimes a handmade card says it all and can be something he will always treasure as it’s so unexpected and sweet! A handmade ornament representing something he likes and enjoys is also something you may “wow” him with.

Another great gift is personalized cd’s mixing his favorite music. If you all have an “our” song it’s fine to include it but go easy on the romantic numbers. If you knit you may want to consider creating a sweater for your boyfriend. This is a nice gift and depending on your skill level can be a piece of apparel he will come to depend on.

3. If you would like to purchase your boyfriend a gift, first consider what you do know about his likes and dislikes. Look around, is there anything that’s he does not have that he could use? Guys like practical items and products that support their hobbies and having fun. Guys love their rides almost as much as they love us. Consider a little something to spruce up his wheels. A bucket holding soap, wax, a mitt and a buffing cloth can be put together very inexpensively and used often.

Don’t stress if money is short, the above examples are easy to do and easily affordable. Planning early will allow you time to get the items together or finished. He will love the effort!

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