Ten Worst Gifts For Father’s Day

Finding a Father’s Day gift doesn’t have to be difficult. Simply consider what you know about your dad or other men in your life that you’re buying for. You can go by his hobbies and interests and probably come up with something pretty cool.

However, following is a list of gifts you DON’T want to give for Father’s Day:

Gifts For Father’s Day

Gifts For Father’s Day

1. Nose Hair Clippers: These shouldn’t even be mentioned in polite conversation, let alone given as a gift. You don’t want to give something that says “Hey, Dad, You’ve got nose hair issues.”

2. Necktie: This is like giving a fruitcake for a Christmas present. Does your Dad even WEAR neckties?

3. Singing Fish: There are so many reasons this is a bad idea they can’t all be listed here. Suffice it to say that anything mounted on a wall that bursts into a silly song every time you walk by is a horrible choice.

4. Cheap Cologne: You know if YOU don’t want to smell this cologne, it’s just wrong to give it to a man you care about.

5. Chia Pet: Some men may collect animal shaped pottery growing grass. However, unless your Dad is a collector, keep on walking past them.

6. Thigh Master: Why would you give your Dad a Thigh Master for Father’s Day? This is just telling him that his body needs some work.

7. Pink Golf Balls: Only give these if you’re trying to be funny on purpose, or if you’ve set up some gag gifts for Father’s Day. These are for women golfers, period, even if they ARE brand name.

8. Opera Tickets: While some Dads enjoy the opera, most don’t. What makes it even worse is if you’re giving these tickets to him in hopes that he’ll give you one and escort you.

9. Barbecue Apron: A few men on the planet may honestly love this gift, but you probably don’t know any of them personally. He’s not going to want his friends to see him wearing this.

10. Last but not least, avoid anything in bright yellow.

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