Putting Together Homemade Gift Baskets in 5 Ways

In these tough economic times more and more people are looking for ways to still give quality gifts to those we care for at birthdays and general holidays.

When you take into account just how much of your spending dollar is going towards advertising and packaging it makes sense to explore ways to design and create gifts that are high on quality but low on waste. Gift baskets are one such way of doing that!

Homemade Gift Baskets

Homemade Gift Baskets

Shop for your baskets at the thrift store, going green by recycling materials is something everyone can appreciate. You may wish to freshen your used baskets with a coat of paint or if made of natural materials you may wish to bring out the brilliant colors by using a clear stain.

A warm damp cloth is all that is needed to clean your basket before you update it.

1. Decide upon a theme by finding your inspiration through your recipient’s favorite movie or book. Their favorite music should also be consider and if they have a favorite star, author or band you may wish to expand the theme in that way.

2. Next gather your supplies. The general dollars stores in your area, is a great place to start. Cellophane wrap is plentiful in all sorts of colors so be sure to pick an array while thinking of the season you will give the basket in and use colors that will compliment the time of the year.

Shredded paper can be used as a filler as it is disguised in the bottom of the basket and can be had for free by using your own shredder and shredding colorful construction paper that is also found at the dollar store.

3. As you thrift shop for baskets also consider using different sort of containers that are unusual and interesting to the recipient. For example a baseball glove with the use of the cellophane wrap can be a nest for all sorts of baseball memorabilia.

4. It’s the little details that count. Keep an eye out for different sorts of embellishments for the baskets. Stickers, ribbons and perhaps small ornaments can take a so, so basket to an amazing gift.

5. Decide upon your workspace and dedicate it to your gift baskets. Organizing and setting up your work space is half the fun! It will also encourage you to add to your supplies knowing that you room.

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