Personalized 1st Wedding Anniversary Gifts

When that all important 1st wedding anniversary comes around, you want to make sure that the gift matches the occasion. A perfect way to do this is to get something that’s personalized for your lovely bride. Naturally, she’s going to be expecting something truly amazing from you.

One way you can show her how much you love her is by NOT getting her something tired and mundane. Don’t buy her something cheap from a street vendor. Be original and try to have a decent budget for this gift.

Personalized 1st Wedding Anniversary Gifts

Personalized 1st Wedding Anniversary Gifts

If you’re stuck for gift ideas, have a look at some of these suggestions:

1. A card made especially for her by you. Women love knowing how much their husbands love them and, if they see it in writing, it’s even better. A store bought card can be nice, but when you take the time to write down in your own words how much you love her, it will mean even more. Attach one of your wedding pictures to the cover of the card.

2. Personalized jewelry is always welcome. Make it even more personal by selecting the freshwater pearl gemstone as this is the one that matches the 1st year anniversary. Choose a bracelet or heart-shaped pendant with your names engraved.

3. Make her cry happy tears with a personalized memory book. This one takes some planning, though, right from the first day. Assemble favorite pictures of your wedding, honeymoon and other significant events that have occurred during the year. Write down romantic memories and how you feel.

4. Have a song or poem composed just for her. If you’re not lyrically or musically talented, find someone that is and have a song written and performed especially for her on a music CD. A poem can be done this way, too, and include a wedding picture beside the poem in a beautiful frame.

5. Use your talents. If you have a particular talent such as painting or carpentry, make her something that she will love with your own hands. Create something just for her such as portrait of you both that you painted. Or build her a chest that you know she’s wanted with your names and wedding date carved into it.

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