Numi Tea Bamboo Flowering Tea Gifts Set Review

For the tea lovers in your life, the Numi Tea Bamboo Flowering Tea Gift Set may be the perfect holiday gift. This gorgeous set comes in an elegant mahogany case containing 9 aromas of tea leaves.

When brewed, these tea leaves bloom into a cavalcade of flavors ranging from subtle and sweet to bold and rich. Not only do you get these amazing and relaxing teas but you also receive a beautiful glass teapot that is ideal for observing the tea petals as they flower.

Numi Tea Bamboo Flowering Tea Gift Set

Numi Tea Bamboo Flowering Tea Gift Set

Flowering Tea begins a new way of celebrating tea time. These premium white tea buds, 2 top tea leaves of green, and black tea leaves tipped with gold are organically grown, hand-picked, and combined into rosettes using cotton thread. This is performed by artists in different areas of China.

Steep these Leaves of Art in hot water and watch as they slowly bloom, creating magnificent shapes. Then a combination of flavors is released. The packaging is beautiful in gem style boxes or cases made from mahogany bamboo.

Flavors of Flower Jewel, Emerald Sun, Starlight Rose, Dragon Lily, Jade Fortune, Black Beauty, Jasmine Pearls, Lavender Dream, and Midnight Peony promise an amazing experience for both beginners and connoisseurs alike. This 4 star set promises that your gift will be remembered for a long time to come.

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