Ninja Blender NJ600 XL Review

Ninja Blender NJ600 XL

Ninja Blender NJ600 XL

The Ninja Blender NJ600 XL is an efficient blender with a massive glass pitcher built to create multiple drinks at one time. With a thousand watt motor this Ninja has enough power to blend just about anything, however it does have one fatal flaw; the blades.

While the rest of the blender has power, efficiency, and ease of use written all over it, the blades are not built like regular blender blades. Their design makes certain consistencies impossible, such as super smooth juicing.

Despite the inability to produce an incredibly smooth texture on some ingredients, the Ninja is still capable of creating powdery snow in seconds, mixing up healthy protein shakes, and making great smoothies with frozen fruits included.

Product Features

  1. Massive 72 oz. glass pitcher.
  2. 1000 watt motor.
  3. Dishwasher safe accessories.
  4. Six blades for increased efficiency.

Product Details

  1. Product Dimensions: 10.6” x 18.1” x 6.7”.
  2. Shipping Weight: 10 pounds.
  3. Shipping: Currently only available within the United States.
  4. The 15th bestselling countertop blender on

Final Analysis

The Ninja Blender NJ600 XL is a good blender for certain uses, but it’s definitely not for everyone. It has an incredibly powerful motor that enables it to completely pulverize ice in just a few seconds, and it has removable blades which makes it really easy to clean.

The Ninja Blender NJ600 XL also has a massive container which makes it great to create drinks for several people, but unfortunately it really lacks in a few other areas.

For those of you searching for a blender that will juice, then you might want to look at some other models available as this model doesn’t chop up the fruits and veggies to a drinkable consistency even when you add more water. Additionally the chunky-ness of its blending also carries over for those looking to make smoothies out of greens rather than fruits.

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