LG 3.6 CF Washer And Dryer Combo Review


LG 3.6 CF Front Load Washer And Dryer Combo

LG 3.6 CF Front Load Washer And Dryer Combo

The LG 3.6 CF Front Load Washer And Dryer Combo is a fantastic space saver. The combination of both makes it simple and easy to get your laundry done without having to break your back switching it from one machine to another.

When cleaning your laundry in this LG combo machine you can easily select what settings you would like with the nine different wash cycle options and the six dry cycle options.

As the laundry is being cleaned you will be delighted with the noise level as it efficiently goes to speeds as fast as 1,200 RPMs and the TrueBalance Anti Vibration System (plus LoDecibel Quiet Operation feature) ensures that it is quiet as ever!

On top of all of the features this LG Washer/dryer has a 10 year warranty on the motor giving you piece of mind that your hard earned money is going towards a quality machine.

Product Features

  1. TrueBalance Anti Vibration System, LoDecibel Quiet
  2. 27” Washer/Dryer combo
  3. 3.6 cubic feet capacity
  4. 9 different wash cycles, 6 dry cycles
  5. Anti-vibration system so no “walking” occurs
  6. High energy & water efficient

Product Details

  1. Shipping: Available to select countries outside of the United States
  2. The 3rd best-selling All-in-one combo washer/dryer on Amazon.com

Final Analysis

The LG Front Load Washer And Dryer Combo is the perfect space saver. This washer and dryer combo is perfect for small spaces and can be incorporated as part of your bathroom decor. LG definitely did not compromise the quality of this machine at all when making it a washer/dryer combo. They ensure the motor with a ten year warranty which is great since the motor is generally the main part which craps out after only few years of use with other washers and dryers.

Additionally this machine is very quiet for washer and dryer. The noise level is something you’d expect in a much more expensive model, however this one is great because you don’t have to worry about those obnoxious cycling sounds as your laundry is being tumbled or spun.

Overall an excellent space saving washer/dryer combo that can fit a large amount of clothes and clean them efficiently! You won’t regret this purchase anytime soon either!

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