Ideas For Fun Gifts that Women In Their 20s Will Love

Women in their 20s are typically rather easy to buy gifts for because they are at an age where they’re no longer teenagers and are ready to be considered young adult ladies. The best way to be sure you’re buying the right things is to know the woman’s tastes, or at least have an idea of what she likes and dislikes. If you’re at a loss, though, there are many gift ideas that women this age will love.

Women in their 20s tend to love things like clothes and makeup. However, unless you know this woman very well, you’ll want to discreetly check with those people who DO know her well before getting something the wrong color or size. In makeup, it’s a good idea to find out the brand she prefers as well as color choices. There are some special makeup kits that nearly all companies put out at different times during the year and this may be something she’d love to have.

Jewelry is another good idea when buying for women in their 20s. If you aren’t quite sure what direction to go with this, try a birthstone necklace, bracelet or earrings. It’s always nice to have jewelry containing your birthstone and it’s something that will be worn a lot.

Her favorite scent is always a winner when it comes to gift giving. You already know that she’ll love this so you don’t have to sweat over it. Many times you can find full sets of toiletries or bath items all in her favorite perfume scent.
Other sure hits include new music CDs by her favorite band, a subscription to her favorite magazine, or a DVD you know she wants.

You can even be truly inventive and get her a gift that keeps on giving: a sapling to plant that will become a full- fledged tree one day. Creativity means a lot to the recipient.

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