iCraft has the perfect gifts for Easter

Easter is the religious holiday that ushers in hopes of renewal, growth and spring. It’s been a particularly brutal winter here in southern Ontario, at least in terms of what we’ve been used to. I guess we’ve been spoiled, but certainly not this year!

We look forward so much to spring, but it’s evaded us so far. In fact as I write, a snowstorm is bringing us even more of the white stuff. Hope springs eternal in the human breast (Alexander Pope), as it must, to keep us going through the dark days. Thinking about Easter and picking up those special gifts for that special person, including yourself, can really raise the spirits.

iCraftgifts.com is my favourite online marketplace to shop for unique handmade crafts. iCraft presents a huge selection of gifts suitable for all occasions. It’s easy to navigate to find the gift you want, using the reliable search option or the categories including Handmade jewelry, Accessories, Fashion, Bath and body, For kids, For her and For him, and many more.

iCraft specializes in selling handmade crafts only. No manufactured items, no resellers, food items or crafting supplies: just individualized highest-quality handmade items.

As Easter approaches, you can prepare crafts projects for the children in your family and your community. Children love to make their own Easter decorations. Easter eggs are one of the most popular crafts projects for both children and adults. Check out Maple Leaf’s blog on iCraft “Egg-straordinary Easter Crafts” featuring some beautiful variations on Easter eggs.

Even very young children can have lots of fun and produce lovely crafts. Try this spring hat, simply made with a paper plate, paper flowers, glue and some ribbon. You, as the adult, cut three slits through the centre of the paper plate, evenly spread out, about an inch in from the edge. Bend up the triangles the cuts have formed, and paint or use colour markers to colour the plate. When the paint is dry, make tissue paper or construction paper flowers, and glue the flowers to the points of the hat. The kids will enjoy decorating the hat with glitter. You can also staple two long ribbons of crepe paper to your beautiful new hat.

iCraft has the perfect gifts for Easter

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The kids will have a great time being part of the preparations and will take lots of well-deserved pride in their contribution to the celebrations.

Here’s an Easter card that’s fun to give and to get! Kids will love this set of 5 different cards, envelopes, and five crayons.

Looking for that special piece to celebrate Spring? iCraft has a wonderful selection of jewellery for all occasions, and this month you’ll find unique handmade jewelry at icraftgifts.com/jewelry perfect for Easter.
When you go to services on Easter morning or strut your stuff in the Easter Parade, you’ll be gorgeous in these delicate silver heart and cross earrings, crafted with a blue Czech glass bead and a teal crystal bead.

Easter is a time to give thanks for the warming of the weather and the renewal of the earth, a time of all things young, beautiful and growing. May you have a wonderful family time together as you make preparations and enjoy the holiday!

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