Giving Holiday Gifts At Work

Gift giving at work can be quite challenging depending on your time at the job and level at which you know your fellow coworkers. It’s important to pay attention in the way that you are asked to give. Is this to be a secret Santa exchange?

Or will everyone draw a name accompanied by the individual’s wish list? However you are expected to participate listening to your own common sense should keep you in safe territory and ensure a happy experience at work during the holidays.

Giving Holiday Gifts At Work

Giving Holiday Gifts At Work

A few do’s and don’ts will help you along in making the perfect choice in gift giving. Though most everyone appreciates the gift of food unless you know the person quite well it’s not advisable as others may not like what you have chosen and could even be allergic to the food stuff which would cause disappointment in the gift. Gifts of a flirty nature or sexual in some way is not acceptable.

Though you mean no harm the present may be construed as harassment which could result in the giver being charge with breaking policy and possibly losing the job. If you are asked to give a gift to someone from a different cultural do your research first. Their traditions may be very different from yours and what you find acceptable may not be to them. Meanings and values can be different.

If you wish to buy a gift for your boss consider going in on the present as a group. This way you can buy a more expensive gift and have the input of others who may know his likes and dislikes better than you do. This will prevent any tension by other coworkers if you include them in the decision making process and the purchasing of the gift.

For the boss pooling money to afford the gift is fine but if you are buying for a co worker or several co workers be sure to keep the cost down so as not to go overboard and make others feel they did not spend enough.

Finally never re gift and item that you have been given as an office gift. It’s a cheap and tacky way of expressing your thoughts and feelings toward another and that’s exactly how they will perceive and feel about you. Enjoy the holiday season knowing the right gift was purchased for and appreciated by the right person.

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