Give The Coffee Lover In Your Life A Coffee Gift Basket

Nearly everyone these days adores coffee. They particularly enjoy that first cup of hot coffee to start their day. Most likely, you know plenty of people just like this. So when it comes time to present any of those people with a gift, you should consider giving them a Coffee Gift Basket.

While this may not sound very imaginative, you just might be surprised at how pleased the recipient of this gift basket will be. You can order them from a specialty company or you can assemble them yourself.

Coffee Gift Basket

Coffee Gift Basket

If you choose to give the project that personal touch, try some of these ideas:

1. Specialty Coffee Gift Basket:
There are many types of exotic coffees from all over the world. If you have someone in your life that enjoys testing out some of these different coffees, the perfect gift basket will contain three to five different coffee blends. If this is for just one person, include a special mug to enjoy the coffee in.

2. Couples Coffee Gift Basket:
Few things are more romantic than breakfast in bed for a couple in love. Of course, that breakfast must include a cup of deliciously different coffee. Make this one a bit more special. Include two mugs and special spoons to stir the coffee with. You can also add some bagels and various jams and jellies. A jelly knife is also a nice touch.

3. Deluxe Coffee and Tea Gift Basket:
Many people that love coffee also enjoy that occasional cup of tea. Therefore, it’s totally appropriate to assemble a deluxe basket with not only some very special coffee, but some exotic teas as well. The deluxe basket should be large enough to include four mugs, spoons, a decorative and handy coffee canister, and maybe even a small coffee maker.

You can also put in sugar or sweetener, depending on the recipient’s preference. Add enough food items for a family of four and you’re good to go!

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