Gifts For New Mothers

Gifts For New MothersGifts For New Mothers

While new mothers are typically thrilled to be holding their new babies in their arms, they also may yearn to feel a little more like normal. They get all caught up in now being mothers that they sometimes feel as if they’ve lost little pieces of themselves.

The best way to bring them back is through giving them gifts that are specifically for THEM, not the baby or things that they need to share with the baby. Following are some great ways to make new mothers feel like themselves again.

Gifts For New Mothers

1. Just For Mom Gift Basket: This basket is one that you will do yourself so that it can be customized and based on what you know the new mother likes.

These can be packed with things such as a manicure set, nail polish, best sellers, a pretty nightgown, a new hairbrush, bubble bath, shower gel, lotions, and anything else that you know this mother enjoys. By the time she’s gone through her gift basket, she’ll feel like her old self again.

2. A Spa Visit: Nothing makes a woman feel like a woman more than an afternoon at the spa. She can enjoy facials, massages, and just be pampered. Of course, this gift needs to also come with the offer to babysit so that she can actually get out of the house and enjoy this gift. She needs to be able to fully relax while having fun and knowing that her baby is safe with you.

3. A Visit to Her Favorite Hair Salon: This is a spin on the spa visit but doesn’t take quite as long as a spa so that the new mother isn’t away from her baby quite as long. You can either get her a gift certificate for the visit or prepay a certain amount at the salon. You can offer to babysit for her, or if she has her own sitter or the father is available, you can go with her for a full girls’ day out.

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