Gifts And Ideas To Celebrate Your First Wedding Anniversary

A first wedding anniversary is a very special one and should be celebrated in that way. There are many different ways that this can be done. It just depends on your personal likes and dislikes as a couple as well as your budget.

As the traditional gift is paper for a first anniversary, that leaves a lot of ways to be creative. A poem that you’ve written yourself for your loved one is a perfect idea. This is something that anyone talented with words can do. Add one of your wedding pictures and have it specially printed out and framed.

Gifts And Ideas To Celebrate Your First Wedding Anniversary

Gifts And Ideas To Celebrate Your First Wedding Anniversary

If you’re not a gifted poet, you can still find a book of poems that mean something special. To go in a less “gushy” direction, try buying a book filled with photographs of your partner’s favorite things in life. Another twist on this is to go out and take the photographs yourself and then assemble them into a book. This can turn into one of the best gifts you’ve ever given and your partner has ever received.

Board games and jigsaw puzzles are also great gifts for a first wedding anniversary if the two of you enjoy these sort of past times together. These are gifts that encourage quality time spent together at the end of a long day. The two of you can relax while quietly having some fun.

Paper concert tickets are also wonderful first anniversary gifts. This is also true of sporting events that both of you like. Make a night of it by arranging for dinner either before or after the event of choice. Finish it off with a few drinks or dancing at a local club.

The modern version of a first anniversary traditional gift is a clock. Your options aren’t as limited as you think when it comes to finding a great clock gift. You can find a unique cuckoo clock or a wall clock that is chosen to match your partner’s personality. For collectors, an antique clock is going to be treasured for years.

It’s not quite as hard to find gifts of paper or clocks to give on the first anniversary as you may think. All you have to do is be a bit creative and know your spouse well.

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