Gift Ideas for Young at Heart 40 Year Old Women

Every woman faces her 40th birthday at some point as long as she lives to see it. Celebrities such as Brooke Shields, Elizabeth Hurley and Diane Lane are proud to have made the transition from 39 to 40. All women should take a cue from these ladies and celebrate being 40!

There’s nothing to fear anymore about turning 40 as women are hitting the gym and spas to their looks youthful. Truthfully, it’s hard to tell anymore when a woman is 40 because she looks 30. The wisdom acquired by the age of 40 should be appreciated. Age is all in the mind, so it’s not surprising that 40 year old women are better every day.

Buying a woman a gift for her 40th birthday should be one that reflects her spirit rather than her age. That’s why you’ll want to be sure you know the woman you’re buying for. You’ll be sure to get it right.

Jewelry is always a great idea no matter what the birthday, and can be used to meaningfully celebrate this milestone. Add some personal touches like her birthstone or her birthdate inscribed. Women love it when someone takes the time to carefully select the perfect gift.

Pamper her with a spa gift basket. You can find these filled with moisturizers, exfoliators, bottle of wine, chocolates, and other spa type things. If you add some candles and bubble bath in her favorite scent, she’ll really love being able to indulge herself.

If the woman you’re buying a birthday gift for has a delicious sense of humor, she may appreciate a gift of that type. There are such things as Pilsner glasses, cute tea bag collections, shot glasses, and other things that celebrate that “over the hill” birthday. You can also choose a cookie basket or lollipop basket with a birthday theme. Just keep in mind what you know she’ll love.

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