Gifts For The High School Graduate In Your Life

High school graduation is an exciting time in a young person’s life. They’re moving from the world of childhood into that of being a young adult. Many will be going off to college while others will choose a different path to get where they want to go.

To help celebrate this milestone in the life of someone you care about, it’s traditional to present the new graduate with a gift of congratulations. If you don’t have a clue as to what you need to get, the following list has been assembled to help you.

Gift Ideas for the High School Graduate

Gift Ideas for the High School Graduate

1. Money: While this may sound crass and unimaginative to some, it’s actually a GREAT gift because this is what most graduates want most of all, next to a car, of course. An appropriate card with money tucked inside is always a wonderful gift. The more money, the happier the graduate.

2. Gift Certificates: This isn’t quite the same as money but it does give the graduate the freedom to buy something they want from one or more of their favorite places. You can actually get gift certificates that will cover any store in a particular mall. These are always great, especially for the girls. They can move through the mall and buy special things that they love.

3. Backpack:
A backpack is actually a great idea for a high school graduate that’s going on to college. A really nice one will last a long time and hold a lot of books and other stuff.

4. Pen Set: These usually come in sets of a pen and a pencil. Prices on these range from low to very expensive. Depending on your budget, you can usually get a very nice set for around $30.00. This is actually a very useful gift.

5. Cell Phone: No one appreciates the newest version of cell phones more than kids this age. When you give them a top of the line cell phone as a gift, you’re saying you respect their transition into adulthood.

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