Gift Ideas For Newlyweds on Their New York City Honeymoon

Buying a wedding gift can be difficult, especially for couples that have lived together before tying the knot. However, if you know the company is traveling to New York City for their honeymoon, then there are several good gift ideas to help them have a honeymoon they will never forget.


New York has one of the most amazing skylines in the world in the world which is why a helicopter tour is unforgettable. If you want to give them an experience they will never forget, then this could be the best option. These tours allow people to get a view of the Statue of Liberty, Time Square and many other features from the air.

Gift Ideas For Newlyweds on Their New York City Honeymoon

Gift Ideas For Newlyweds on Their New York City Honeymoon

Another option with a tour is a a cruise tour. With these, the cruise ship follows the water while the tour guide gives interesting tidbits and facts about New York City. It can be a great compliment to the helicopter tour.

Museum Tickets

Another great idea for couples visiting New York is to buy them tickets to a museum. New York is rich in culture and has a wide assortment of different museums to choose from. There are great options like the Museum of Modern Art as well as the Skyscraper Museum.

If you do not want to have to worry about which museum the couple would be most interested in, a good idea is to buy them New York Pass coupons. These give them access to 70 different attractions as well as discounts on many things so they can see all the museums they want while in the city. You can click here for New York Pass coupons.

Studio Tour

Studio tours are another great idea for the couple honeymooning in New York City. NBC offers tours of their studio where they shoot many shows and news broadcasts. While on the tour of NBC studio, each person even gets their picture taken behind the news desk. Other places that can be toured include Radio City Music Hall, Madison Square Gardens and Yankees Stadium.

If you cannot decide which option is right for the couple, try to ask indirect questions that might clue you in to what they would enjoy. In addition, just asking them about their trip itinerary will let you know what outings they already are going on so that you can ensure that your gift doesn’t duplicate something that is already happening.

In the end, a New York honeymoon will be a lifelong memory, and the couple receiving the gift will remember it as the start of what hopefully will be a wonderful life together.

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