Fun Gifts For That 20th Wedding Anniversary

Your 20th wedding anniversary is a very special one. Traditional and modern gifts alike for this one carry price tags to match the specialness of this anniversary. The traditional gift for a 20th wedding anniversary is china and the modern gift is platinum. You can see that this one can cost you a pretty penny no matter what direction you go in.

To begin with, china is beautiful and most women love having a set to use on special occasions. If you’re lucky, you and your wife probably received all of the china pieces in her chosen pattern as wedding gifts when you first got married. That leaves you with fewer pieces of china lacking in the set to choose from if you want to buy her something like that.

However, if she doesn’t have a set of china, a gift that she would probably love is a starter set in a pattern that she has always wanted. You can buy place settings for 4 and add to it on future special occasions.

Gifts For That 20th Wedding Anniversary

Gifts For That 20th Wedding Anniversary

However, if your wife already owns all the china she needs, you can go in another direction. China figurines are available in many lovely models. Your wife may love collecting angels, for instances. You’re sure to find a figurine of an angel made from china to add to her collection. This is certain to make her smile.

If you decide to try for a platinum gift, you still won’t come out cheap. There is lot of different styles of jewelry fashioned from platinum. Your wife may love a platinum ring with a stone setting of some sort. Try her birthstone or a gemstone from the month you were married in. You have several directions you can go when you decide on a platinum gift.

While the traditional china and modern platinum 20th wedding anniversary gifts are rather pricey, it only seems right. Twenty years is a long time to have spent married to one person. It should be commemorated in a way that shows just how special and important an anniversary this is. Whether you have a lot of money to spend celebrating this anniversary or even just a small amount, it can still be a special day when you spend it together.

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