Fire And Water Fountain Review

The Fire and Water Fountain is a great idea, conceptually speaking, from the creator. It looks beautiful and, with so many people into the New Age movement these days, nothing seems to be more of a relaxing aid to meditation than a mini flowing fountain accompanied by gently flickering candle light.

You can easily bring in the best of the natural elements indoors where they can be enjoyed and revered in comfort. In addition, this apparatus operates on 2 AA batteries rather than an electricity cord. How long you’ll be able to enjoy this beautiful fountain depends primarily on the brand of batteries you get for it.

Fire And Water Fountain

Fire And Water Fountain

The candle holders use tealight candles. Neither the tealights nor batteries are included. So, if you’re giving this as a gift to someone, you’ll want to include both of these items so that the recipient can use the fountain right out of the box.

Crafted from gorgeous alabastrite, the fountain measures 6 7/16 inches by 7 1/8 inches.

This is the perfect size to fit on any end table, nightstand or bookshelf that you feel is the best place for you to enjoy it. The Fire and Water Fountain may be the best holiday gift you can present.

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