Find The Perfect Gifts For New Dads

New babies always cause such a stir of excitement. The babies are showered with attention as well as gifts from all over. Even the mothers are presented with all sorts of different gifts. The new fathers tend to get smelly cigars, and that’s hardly fair.

So, if you know of someone that is about to become a new father, check out this list of gifts for new dads.

Gifts For New Dads

1. Photographer’s Dream: As Dad will want to catch every precious moment and “first” on film, there are a few excellent ways to help him do that. Either a digital camera or a digital video camera will mean the world to him as his bundle of joy does all those cute little things that he’s just dying to catch on film.

You can also include a gift certificate for a photo printing service, an extra memory card to keep in the diaper bag, and a great photo album. This can all be pretty pricy so it’s better to get something like this as a group.

2. Jogging Strollers:
Even if the new Dad isn’t a runner or a jogger, he can still have a good time taking the baby on a long walk at the park or around the neighborhood. If you throw in things like running shoes, sweat suit, and an iPod; you’ve got the perfect theme gift.

3. Cute Designed Gifts:
Many new dads love to show off the fact that they have new babies. For the hat wearers, you can get a baseball cap that announces his new Dad status. Other items that you can get to do this are mouse pads, coffee mugs, t-shirts, and barbeque aprons. They’re quite eye catching and everyone enjoys commenting on them.

4. Dad’s Diaper Bag:
Most diaper bags are meant to be carried around by the mothers. New dads aren’t that excited to haul around a huge pastel blue or pink and white bag on their shoulders. So why not get them a more masculine looking diaper bag? They’ll love you for it.

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