Fabulous Baby Gift Baskets

Baby Gift Basket IdeasBaby Gift Basket Ideas

When new babies come into the world there’s so much excitement and joy that you want to share in it by contributing a gift for the baby. If the parents already have children, chances are they have things they need for the new baby. New parents typically need more things.

Whatever your situation is, a baby gift basket is the perfect solution. Have a look at the following ideas for baby gift baskets.

Baby Gift Basket Ideas

Baby Gift Basket Ideas

1. Overall Basket: If you aren’t sure what the parents need for their new baby, a gift basket made up of a little bit of everything is always welcome. This takes a larger size basket. Use receiving blankets to line it. Inside, arrange a couple of sleepers, pacifiers, washcloths, such things as baby oil, baby powder, baby lotion, and baby bath. Anything that you can think of for the new baby, put it in the basket.

2. Baby Tub Basket: This type of baby gift basket begins with a baby tub rather than a basket. Line it with hooded baby towels, baby washcloths, baby bath, lotion and powder. You can also include a sleeper and a receiving blanket. A couple of baby toys can be added, although the baby will probably not be ready to play with them for a while.

3. Bassinet Baby Basket: A gift this size is perfect for a group of friends or co-workers to go in together on. As many new mothers prefer to have their babies close by for a while, the bassinet is a great gift. It can be placed by the mother wherever she is.
Add some sheets to fit the bassinet mattress, receiving blankets, sleepers, a small package of disposable diapers, wash cloths, baby towels, changing pads, and pretty much anything else you can think of to put in it.

4. Nursing Basket: If you know that the mother of the new baby is going to be breastfeeding, a basket of things that she can use for this is perfect. Include nursing pads, a nursing gown, a nursing bra, if you know her size, breast pump, and a couple receiving blankets.

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