Christmas Gifts That Your Girlfriend Will Love

The holiday season is right around the corner again and you want to make sure that you pick a gift that your girlfriend will love. Unless she’s expecting a diamond ring this year, there are many options you can go with to make her smile, squeal and maybe cry just a little on Christmas Day.

As with shopping for anyone else, you should definitely use what you know about her tastes. However, if you’re still coming up short, following are some ideas for you:

Christmas Gifts That Your Girlfriend Will Love

Christmas Gifts That Your Girlfriend Will Love

1. Weekend at a Bed and Breakfast: If you have enough money set aside for a truly special and romantic Christmas gift, a long weekend at a beautiful bed and breakfast may be just what your girlfriend will love. Of course, this is a gift more appropriate if you’ve been dating for a while, or you’re ready to take it to the next level.

2. A Red and Pewter Candle Holder: This is a great gift if you’ve only been dating a short time. It shows her that you love the more beautiful things in life, such as her, and that you have a romantic side to you.

3. Perfume and Scent Sets:
If either of you has a favorite scent, a set including perfume and body lotion is a great way to go. She’ll always smell just the way you like and she’ll be impressed that you remembered what she likes.

4. Music:
Very few people don’t appreciate music. You can always opt to get your girl a new CD by her favorite artist for Christmas, but you’ll probably want to get something to go along with it. A truly romantic idea is to make her a custom mixed CD of all your favorite songs.

5. A Custom Stocking: First of all, find a stocking large enough to hold several stocking stuffers. Then choose a theme. For instance, a spa stocking will hold things like bubble bath, scented scrub, body lotion, and other things that will pamper. Use what you think your girlfriend will like.

6.Flowers: If your girlfriend will be far from you for the holidays, consider sending flowers by post and surprise her with one of many beautiful arrangements.

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