Best Christmas Gifts For Men You Don’t Really Know

As luck would have it, you’ve managed to be volunteered to Christmas shop for all the men in the family this year. Or, you may have just somehow drawn the new guy at work in the gift drawing for Christmas. This can be either a very stressful situation for you, or you can turn it into a fun challenge and do some private investigating to find out what these guys on your list actually like.

Talk to their friends or other people that may know them and that can lead you in a promising direction. However, you can also begin with some of the following gift ideas:

Christmas Gifts For Men

Christmas Gifts For Men

1. Pen Set: This gift works quite well when the man is someone you work with and you aren’t really sure what’s appropriate. A nice pen set with refills is always welcome, especially when it’s a pen that writes so beautifully that you want to keep finding things to write just so you can keep using it.

2. Key Chain:
A key chain isn’t as personal a gift as it may seem at first. Every man needs a key chain and you can choose one that can be monogrammed with his initials.

3. Bestseller: If you happen to know that the man is a reader, you can always choose a popular bestseller that’s at the top of the list. Or if you can find out who a favorite writer of his happens to be, choose a book from that writer.

4. Gift Certificates:
When you just cannot think of anything else, a gift certificate is always appreciated. These can be for a dinner for two at a favorite restaurant, a shopping mall gift certificate so that he’s not limited to only one store, or to anything else that you think would be deemed as appropriate. In this way, you can be sure that he’s getting the gift that he wants the most.

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