Chicco Keyfit 30 Baby Car Seat Review

Chicco Keyfit 30 Infant Car Seat

Chicco Keyfit 30 Infant Car Seat

For any mother or father, the number one focus when bringing their baby home from the hospital is safety. For good reason, there are thousands of children that die each year in car accidents.

More, now than ever, the technology is available for keeping your child as safe as possible while driving down the road.

Likewise, car seats are more comfortable for the children than they used to be so it is less of a hassle putting them in them it seems.

Product Features:

  1. Possibly one of the easiest car seats to install in a vehicle.
  2. #1 rated car seat in the United States
  3. 5 point harness, you can adjust it with one hand
  4. Newborns are safe with full body inserts
  5. EPS energy absorbing foam lines the car seat for increase protection against impact.

Product Details:

  1. Product Dimensions: 17.4” x 15.4” x 28” / 21.1 pounds
  2. Shipping Weight: 19.6 pounds
  3. Among top 5 car seats sold online

Final Analysis

If your focus is on keeping your child safe, then this Chicco Keyfit 30 Baby Car Seat is probably one of the highest rated car seats for safety in existence. It is clear than the manufacturer wanted to go the extra mile on safety.

The 5 point harness, the durable construction, the foam, and how easy it is to get it properly installed in your car are just a few of the factors that make this car seat among the most safest car seats in the United States.

If I had to give a downside to this car seat, it would easily be how hot the car seat is. My daughter is semi-active, fairly warm blooded, but it seems carrying my child in this car seat while shopping makes things a little bit difficult. If it is relatively warm at all, it seems that her back sweats.

No, she is not sitting in the sun and it is not while outside, but if it is even warm on the inside this has happened. Still, its about safety for me and at times I’ll sacrifice the comfort in order to keep her safe!

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