Candy Gift Baskets To Cure A Sweet Tooth

If you have a friend or relative with an incurable sweet tooth, candy gift baskets may be just the thing to give them for any sort of occasion. The contents, of course, will depend on the occasion. Usually, candy lovers of all ages get pretty excited over receiving a gift basket filled with candy.

Trying to be original and unique with candy gift baskets is not as difficult as it may initially seem. Check out the following candy gift basket ideas for some suggestions.

Candy Gift Baskets

Candy Gift Baskets

1. Valentine Candy Gift Basket: This will probably be one of the easiest candy gift baskets you’ll ever put together. You can include things like candy hearts, nice kinds of Valentine chocolates, heart shaped chocolates, candy heart suckers, Cupid shaped chocolates, and various other Valentine themed candies.

The basket should be red lined with white tissue paper or white lined with red. For fun, you can add a stuffed bear holding a heart.

2. Christmas Candy Gift Basket:
Another simple candy gift basket to assemble, you can start with a Christmas colored basket. Green, red, or white work beautifully. Gold or silver are two other colors that look gorgeous for Christmas. Of course, you’ll need to include candy canes. In fact, you can use those as fillers.

Chocolate comes in all shapes and sizes during the Christmas season and you can take full advantage of this. You can find Santa, his reindeer, and trees all shaped like chocolate. Homemade suckers of Santa and Christmas trees are also everywhere. Also, consider the person you’re giving the basket to and what they like.

3. Candy Gift Basket for a Diabetic: Yes, diabetics should not have a lot of candy; certainly not REAL candy. However, more and more candy manufacturers have started producing sugar-free versions of candy so that diabetic people can also indulge their “sweet tooth” on occasion.

Do your research and make sure the candy you’re getting is safe for the diabetic you have in mind. Read the ingredients carefully, because even such things labeled as “natural” can have high sugar content. You may also want to include some sugar-free cookies.

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