Bridesmaid Gifts – Bridesmaids Gift Ideas That Say “Thank You”

Bridesmaid GiftsBridesmaid Gifts

Through the years it’s been the custom for the bride to present gifts to her bridesmaids. This can be done at the rehearsal dinner or even the day of the wedding. No matter when the gifts are presented, it’s always a very touching and meaningful moment of the occasion.

Bridesmaids gifts are typically items of special significance between the bride and her bridesmaids. Many times the bride –to- be will give each of her bridesmaids a special necklace to wear on the day of the wedding. These may be personalized by engraving the date of the wedding along with the name of the bridesmaid. They are sure to be worn with their dresses during the wedding.

Bridesmaid Gifts

Bridesmaid Gifts

Other choices for bridesmaids gifts can be personalized tote bags or makeup bags. If the bride chooses, she can fill these bags with some fun items. The makeup bags can, many times, be filled with some high end makeup that can be used for the wedding. These can even come with a cosmetologist who will put the makeup on each bridesmaid prior to walking down the aisle.

For beach weddings, the bride may choose to present her bridesmaids with personalized flip flops that can be worn with their dresses on the beach. Obviously, heels don’t work very well in the sand but flip flops are perfect. As the bride has chosen the bridesmaids dresses, you can bet that the flip flops she chooses will be an impeccable match. The personalization is an even nicer added touch.

A nice touch for bridesmaids gifts are Pashmina shawls. All girls love these and they can be given in a different color for each bridesmaid. While not actually personalized, these can be presented to each girl in their favorite color. These are very popular shawls and can be worn on a slightly chilly summer’s evening or on an autumn afternoon.

The bottom line is that whatever a bride decides to give her bridesmaids should be taken as a token of appreciation for standing with her on this very special day. Whether it’s something small or more elaborate, the meaning is clear.

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