Bridal Shower Gifts – Consider these Bridal Shower Gift Ideas for Fun and Meaning

The rule of thumb when it comes to buying bridal shower gifts is that they should be for the bride alone, rather than gifts for the couple. A bridal shower is for the bride to have fun with her friends. That’s why they bring gifts specifically for the bride to enjoy, although, in many cases, she’ll be getting presents that her new husband can also appreciate.

A lingerie shower is given particularly for the bride to receive many different items of lingerie to be used after her marriage. Some of these are typically very sexy and others are meant to be used as every day wear. It’s a lot of fun to buy gifts for this kind of shower. Visit shops like Victoria’s Secret and Frederick’s of Hollywood and you’re sure to find just the right item to buy.

Bridal Shower Gifts

Bridal Shower Gifts

Perfume is also a great bridal shower gift. This can be expanded upon by purchasing a set of bubble bath, perfume, body lotion and powder all in her favorite scent. If she’s going away for her honeymoon, all of these things in travel sizes or travel kits can be very handy.

If you choose to present a customized and meaningful gift to the bride, buy or make a pretty scrapbook style photograph album and take pictures through the entire shower. Use either a Polaroid camera or a digital one that can be loaded onto a computer. Whatever choice you make, just be sure you can print them all out before the bride leaves the shower.

Then you can put the pictures in the album so that she’ll have an immediate keepsake of her special night. For a bridal shower where you don’t know the bride that well, try to talk to her closer friends ahead of time to see what she likes or what she wants. If this isn’t possible, consider a mall gift certificate so that she can go shop for something she may not have received at her shower.

Buy a pretty card or make one on your computer that would be even more personalized. Place the gift certificate inside the card and it will be just as nice as any other one the bride to be receives.

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