Bread Slicer And Maple Wood Bread Board Review

Bread Slicer And Maple Wood Bread Board

Bread Slicer And Maple Wood Bread Board

Cutting homemade bread or bread loaves can be a pain for many without the use of a bread slicer. Cutting by hand often leaves you with bread that is thin at one end, thick at the other, and you never get the same size for each slice.

Instead of mutilating your fresh cut loaves with a sloppy cut, you can use the Bread Slicer Elite and Maple Wood Bread Board.

This bread slicer is handmade in the USA from the highest quality materials ensuring that it will last you years. The guide is stainless steel (not the cheap plastic seen on some) and the block is made from solid maple wood allowing you to safely cut on sturdy cutting board.

Product Features

  1. Made with stainless steel and solid maple
  2. Handmade in the USA
  3. Rubber feet on bottom keep it from moving during use
  4. For five inch bread loaves (can be less than five inches)

Product Details

  1. Shipping: Available to select countries outside of the United States
  2. A best-selling slicer on

Final Analysis

The Bread Slicer Elite and Maple Wood Bread Board is definitely made of the highest quality materials and you can instantly see where your money went to when you look at it. It makes it simple to slice any loaf with ease however it can’t slice loaves larger than five inches so be wary of that when you purchase it.

Additionally this slicer doesn’t have a guide or a holder. Some simple markings on the side would be fantastic to have but you can easily take a pen or something and make the marks yourself for increased cutting efficiency. Overall this Bread Slicer is a must have if you love fresh bread loaves!

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