Birthday Gifts Your Mom REALLY Wants!

On your mother’s birthday, have you been guilty of getting her things that are more “useful” than enjoyable? A set of new dishes may be nice but isn’t that something that EVERYONE uses?

This year, for your mom’s birthday, find out ahead of time some things that she really would love to get as gifts. You may have to sneak around to do this, but it will definitely be worth it when you see the look of happy shock on her face when she opens up a gift that is meant ONLY for HER. Following are some ideas to get you started:

Birthday Gifts For Your Mom

Birthday Gifts For Your Mom

1. Surprise Birthday Party: This is not your typical surprise birthday party. Arrange for as many of her close friends and family members as possible to attend, but keep in mind to leave out people she doesn’t like. Once you know how many will be attending, get to work arranging space on a dinner cruise boat, a dinner theater, or a comedy club.

Choose a venue that you know she’ll love the most. Your budget will determine the size of the party. When you send out invitations, include a theme list of birthday gift ideas. Don’t be coy. It’s a birthday party and their attendance is NOT the best birthday gift.

2. A New Room:
If you know that an office space, or crafting space, or even a painting space is something that your mom’s been longing for, enlist some help and get it done for her. This can even be a redecorated bedroom. Just take what you know she wants and start your planning. Have your dad or someone take her away for the weekend. While she’s away enjoying her birthday weekend, gather your crew of friends and family members and get busy. By the time she returns, you’ll be able to unveil her new room to her.

3. The Gift of Your Time:
You may be short on money at the time of your mom’s birthday or you just may not have a lot of money to begin with. Don’t despair because you can still give your mom something she will really love: Your time. Go spend the day with her or invite her to your home.

Make sure she sits down and relaxes while you cook for her and just spend time together. If she’s a busy lady through the week, clean her house and do her laundry for her. You’ll know what she wants the most.

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