Best Christmas Gifts For Baby’s First Christmas

It’s a long held belief that many joys of Christmas surround buying gifts for children, and this includes babies. The problem with buying gifts for a baby’s first Christmas is that, a lot of times, the baby is still quite young, possibly even newborn.

Yet, you don’t want to leave them out of the gift giving loop. Following are some gift ideas for babies on their first Christmas:

Christmas Gifts For Babies

Christmas Gifts For Babies

1. Stuffed Animals: This may sound like you’re trying to get off easy but there are many stuffed animals these days that are made especially for babies. There are some made especially for ages from birth to 12 months. Many of these stuffed animals do special things such as glowing in the dark. The best ones, though, still seem to be the ones that just squishy and comforting.

2. Adjustable Gyms:
These are great little toys to help your baby develop many things that it needs to as it grows. This includes co-ordination and movement skills. Using colors, sounds, lights and music, your baby’s attention is captured, thus entertaining him or her.

3. Clothes: Baby clothes are always welcome, especially for new babies. Sleepers and gowns are great as babies spend a lot of time being cuddled and sleeping. You can always include little socks and booties because their feet tend to get cold easily at first.

4. Mobile: The parents may have already purchased one of these, but if not, this is a great gift for babies. These can be turned on and the music and motion of the figures on the mobile can calm and soothe the baby for a long time.

5. Baby Swing:
A baby swing is something that can easily get left off the gift list at the baby shower or even by the parents. However, once the parents get to experience just how helpful a baby swing can be at soothing their baby, it becomes the favorite gift of both parents and baby.

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