Be Thoughtful And Give Unique Personalized Wedding Gifts

Typical wedding gifts range from towel sets and blenders to pieces of the chosen china pattern. While these are all very nice and will be used for a long time, sometimes it’s just a much more fun thing to receive a gift that that they won’t be getting two of.

The gift is even more fun when it’s personalized because the happy couple can look at this gift years from now, and enjoy the memories surrounding it. If you’re stuck for ideas in this area, check out the following tips to get you started:

Unique Personalized Wedding Gifts

Unique Personalized Wedding Gifts

1. Personalized Photo Album: Newlyweds that hire a photographer for their wedding will have a wedding album containing pictures of their special day. However, a photo album that has been personalized with their names is going to mean a lot.

This can be used to hold pictures for their first year of marriage, beginning with their honeymoon. For couples that have very small weddings, you can present them with this photo album containing wedding pictures. However they choose to use it, this is a gift that will last a very long time.

2. Personalized Throw: This is a beautiful afghan style throw that can be embroidered with the names of the couple and the date of the wedding. It can be made in any color to match the couples’ décor or their favorite colors. This can be sewn, knitted or crocheted. It’s really up to what you feel the couple will want the most.

3. Wedding Quilt: This can be one of the most unique gifts that a newly married couple can receive. A personalized quilt of this sort is made from material scraps belonging to both the husband and wife. These can include such things as old baby clothes, pieces of old blankets, cheerleader outfits, high school or college sports uniforms, and anything else that holds special meaning for the couple.

These are used to create a very special quilt that can be used on their bed or wherever they choose. Their names and wedding date can also be embroidered onto the quilt.

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