Be Different: Give Unique Wedding Gifts

Sometimes newly married couples want to scream if they see just one more toaster, gravy boat, or set of kitchen towels. While all of these are useful up to a point, if you really want to stand out as someone that put some thought into a gift and gave something different, try to be a bit unique in your selection while not being too “out there.”

This may not be an easy thing to accomplish, but when you get your creative processes going, you’ll be surprised at what you can come up with. Have a look at the following idea starters:

Unique Wedding Gifts

Unique Wedding Gifts

1. Cooking Kit for Newlyweds: This is a great idea no matter which of the couple plans to do the cooking. The first thing you’ll need is two monogrammed aprons, one for each of the couple. A recipe book dedicated to cooking for newlyweds is a must.

Include a small set of essential cooking items such as a 3 piece pots and pans set, some cooking utensils, and whatever else your budget can afford. You may also include two lovely wine glasses and a bottle of their favorite wine. Sometimes you just need to drink while you’re cooking.

2. Matching Monogrammed Terry Cloth Robes: These will be used all the time. A robe for him and one for her can be worn after a shower, after swimming and sitting by the pool, or just around the fire on a cool evening while enjoying each other’s company. Get the robes in colors that are favorable to the couple. They will last for years and you’ll be remembered for being so thoughtful in your gift giving.

3. For the Outdoors Minded: If the happy couple likes the great outdoors, something you can get them to further along this hobby is new hiking and/or camping equipment. Of course, you should always check to see what they already have or need more of, but this is a gift that will be enjoyed for years to come. And YOU will be remembered as the person who actually CONSIDERED what to give as a gift.

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