7 Great First Year Anniversary Gifts For Friends

It is fun to celebrate a great milestone like the first year anniversary of either you and your partner or even a friend. It’s amazing to be with someone for a year because within that year people change and grow and they go from being just two people to being a great married couple.

When it comes to giving a great first year anniversary gifts to a friend you really need to decide what kind of gift would be great for them as a couple instead of as just a friend. An anniversary gift is nothing like a birthday or Christmas present instead it is a gift that both the couple can share in.

Seven Great First Year Anniversary Gifts For Friends

Seven Great First Year Anniversary Gifts For Friends

Below you will find a great list of 7 great gift ideas to give to a couple on their first year anniversary:

1. A gift card to a restaurant. So many people eat at home more than they eat outside in a restaurant. Try to get the couple out of the house more and give them a nice gift card for their favorite restaurant or to one they have never been to. Make sure the gift card has more than enough money on it to get the couple a nice meal, desert and also some drinks.

2. Stationary and note cards are great for couples that enjoy sending friends and families cards and letters. So many people use email these days that you will be unique if you support their passion for the hand written note.

3. Flowers and candy are another simple thing couples enjoy. Pick a different kind of flower instead of roses and pair them with unique one of a kind candies that the couple can enjoy the night of their anniversary.

4. A ten year or five year journal is also great for a new couple. These types of journals are great for a couple that might want to start a family within the next few years.

5. Help them take up a new hobby by offering them lessons in something they both will love and enjoy. Along with the lessons you can add the items they need so they can save money on supplies.

6. Money is a great gift idea if you know the couple is saving to buy a car or to buy a house. Be sure to package the money nicely so that it appears to be so much more than just money but a way to reach their goals.

7. A keepsake is another great option. You can go with a custom piece of art or even a poem about the couple.

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