5 Low Budget Homemade Christmas Gifts

Are you still unsure what to give the people you love this holiday season? Maybe you are thinking about giving them generic gifts such as tins of biscuits, shower gel or even a classic favorite like chocolate. Or maybe you prefer to buy them a nice necklace or bracelet. However you might be short on cash and unsure what to do.

In case you didn’t know homemade Christmas gifts are great to give anyone because they really add a personal touch to Christmas and that’s what most people love about Christmas.

5 Inexpensive Homemade Christmas Gifts

5 Inexpensive Homemade Christmas Gifts

Below you have a list of gifts you can make on a very low budget and are actually easy to make.

If you know have a lot of time to make these Christmas gifts you can make something by crocheting, knitting or even sewing and cross stitching. All of these crafts can take a long time depending on what you are making. You can make a scarf or even a bag. There are tons of ideas and patterns online.

You can also give away things you don’t like and don’t need. If you have something that is vintage or antique it might be great for the collector that you work with. If the item you are looking at isn’t new then make sure it is still good quality.

Christmas food gifts are very common. However you don’t have to be common. You can do things like jarred gifts that include a jar of chili mix or even your favorite pasta salad mixture. Unlike cookies they have a long life time and can make a person really think you put a lot of thought into the gift instead of going for the simple cookies and brownies.

What about art? Do you have a camera? Even if you aren’t a professional photographer you can still go outside and take a few pretty pictures. You don’t have to spend a lot of money if you decide to print them at home or choose to go to a low cost printing company depending on the size of the photo. You don’t have to buy a frame instead search your home for some unused frames that will add uniqueness to your art work.

A plant is another great thing to make for someone if you have the time. Buy some seeds early in advance and water them until they begin to grow.. Once it’s time to present the gift you should have a nice plant for them. Even if you don’t tell them that the plant will grow sometime soon and that it’s just shy.

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