3 Brilliant Ideas For His 30th Birthday

Turning 30 is quite an eye opener for most men. Some look back and mourn the carefree days of their 20’s. Others left those days long ago and are focused on family and success. Either way, it’s a time in a man’s life when taking stock is meaningful and needed. Acknowledging this moment can be done with some thought and preparation.

Does your guy enjoy relaxing outdoors? If so, then this may be the place to begin looking for a gift. Should it be something he alone enjoys, or something he can share with family and friends? What’s he into right now; barbeques at home, or rock climbing with his friends? Take a cue from his present activities and what he plans for his weekends. Is there something he has mentioned he would like to try? If so, a gift certificate to the store that has those items and making a day trip of visiting the store and eating out to celebrate the gift would be a great way to encourage his interest.

Gadgets are always high on any man’s list, but for the 30 year olds, they’re almost always in demand. Is he waiting to upgrade his phone and still making do with the one he considers obsolete? Go ahead and splurge on the new contract and get him the phone he can take cool pictures with. The new gaming systems are easy to install and update with the latest gadget specifically designed for the brand. Does his need an upgrade? Call his friends to find out what exactly he’s been talking about so you don’t have to return the purchase, and he can have the immediate enjoyment of playing!

As mentioned earlier, gift certificates can really be the way to go with a guy. They are not so emotionally attached to the meaning behind the gift. They are more geared towards receiving the gift in order to totally enjoy it. So, consider a certificate to his favorite restaurant or event, and consider giving enough so he can enjoy the time with family or friends. Getting him a night on the town as a gift can be the one present he’ll remember the rest of his life!

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