10 Great Gifts To Give The Birthday Girl

No need to give a gift card for the next birthday party you go to. Instead take the time to find something great and something they can actually play with the same day. It’s not easy to play with a gift card not until you go to the store and buy the item you want with it.

Below you will find a great list of things you can give the birthday girl without going crazy and spending a ton of money.

10 Great Gifts To Give The Birthday Girl

10 Great Gifts To Give The Birthday Girl

1. A day at the salon. Even little girls like to be pampered. You can get her a new haircut and a nice new style along with letting her get a manicure and pedicure.

2. A sewing machine is great for even the non crafting birthday girl. They normally are pretty small and aren’t as expensive as professional adult sewing machines. Don’t forget to buy some fabric to match and some extra needles.

3. Barbie is popular for all girls. And there are even more dolls you can choose from also. If you are buying a gift for an older girl think about buying a collectable barbie instead of the simple playing barbie.

4. Bicycle, skates and skateboard are great for the sporty girl. Be sure to include a safety items and if you don’t know how to teach her to use the items be sure to hire someone who does.

5. Something sports like is also great for the sporty birthday girl. Try something different like a set of tennis rackets for you and her to play or even her own personal golf club set. Both are great and give her something fun to do out of the house.

6. A play house or even a play kitchen is great for an elementary girl. They will enjoy playing pretend and just having fun being a pretend grown up.

7. Cooking and baking sets are also wonderful. You can also join a cooking class together for added fun.

8. If you can’t give your little girl a cat or dog consider having a petting zoo party instead. They allow kids to pet tons of animals in one day and also learn about animals.

9. You can give your child a professional set of art supplies. Don’t go for the cheap $10 set instead buy a small amount of professional supplies. These supplies include paper, pastels and also canvases.

10. You can also buy books for the reader in her. Think about buying a book that is a series. You might discover that your child loves to read more than you thought she did.

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